Booking your assessment window

Use this page to book your assessment window for your NPQ, please remember that this must be completed within 18 months of you starting the programme, unless you have applied for a formal extension / deferral from the LLSE team.

If you select a window and fail to upload your documents within the window selected there will be an administration charge *see details below.

Prior to the upload window opening, you will receive your username / password for the assessment portal with instructions on how to upload your documents.

Assessment Window

I am opting to complete my LLSE assessment by: (only one option allowed).

Participant Information


*Should a participant not upload their assessment documents within their chosen window, the administration charge to move to the next window is £30.00 (LLSE will invoice the participants school for this amount).

Should a participant be unsuccessful in their submission, the participant / Participants school would need to pay the assessment charge again, in order to re-submit:

NPQML = £101.00
NPQSL= £118.00
NPQH Task 1 = £107.00       Task 2 = £81.00
NPQEL Task 1 = £105.00      Task 2 = £105.00