Leadership Coaches

Katie Wratten

Executive Headteacher

School/Organisation: Kennington CE Academy & Charing Primary
Location: Ashford

Contact details

Email: headteacher@kennington.kent.sch.uk
Telephone: 07962171272

I have been a leader for 20 years.  During this time I have been a deputy at an Infant School and a Primary School.  As a Headteacher, I have taken on Inadequate Schools to move it forwards to a high level.  I also have the qualification of SENCo and worked with KCC to support schools from Nursery to Secondary.  

I qualified my coaching in 2000.  Coaching is very important to grade wellbeing and engagement.  It is a way to encourage and support staff to meet their goals, develop and meet the high level of their standards.  Coaching is my passion and I am keen to ensure everyone is confident.

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