Facilitator Professional Learning


Facilitation is an essential skill for supporting and challenging learning for adults. It differs significantly from the pedagogical skills associated with teaching pupils. The behaviours and skills developed during this programme will support CPD leaders and NPQ facilitators to design and lead andragogically sound learning experiences, using Master’s-level questioning. The LLSE Facilitation Competency Framework and Facilitator Professional Learning Programme promotes and contributes to this expectation. It is essential that all LLSE NPQ Facilitators participate in this programme.

 Learning Objectives

The new LLSE Facilitation Competency Framework will support the learning which gives participants the opportunity to practice, reflect on and refine the essential facilitation behaviours and skills for successful andragogy (adult learning). The framework is grounded in  effective facilitation evidence and research. The learning objectives for the initial day are:

  • To understand the principles of adult learning and why they are vital to effective facilitation
  • To explore the facilitation competencies
  • To practice and reflect on the facilitation competencies whilst becoming familiar with course materials

In order to maximise the participants’ learning and the impact of the programme, commensurate with the Kirkpatrick model, participants will be provided with a reading and reflection task prior to the face to face session, and some follow up activities to consolidate the day’s learning and prepare for facilitation practice.


Participants: Leaders of CPD and all NPQ Facilitators

Minimum group size: In order to achieve the learning objectives, it is recommended that the group size exceeds 24 so that the facilitation skills and competencies can be fully demonstrated and experienced.

Dates: The next Facilitator Professional Learning day will be held on Thursday 22nd February 2018 in Maidstone.  Advanced Facilitation sessions will be held later in the school year.

Timing: 09.15 arrival and registration for a 09.30 start. Close at 16.00

Location: Hilton Maidstone, Bearsted Road, Maidstone, ME14 5AA

Facilitators: Denise Danielsen (Lead Facilitator - NPQSL), Beth Mackay (Lead Facilitator - NPQML), Catherine St. Ville (LLSE Leadership Associate - Continuous Quality Improvement)

Additional queries and information: Catherine St. Ville - catherine.stville@LLSE.org.uk

Booking: enquiries@LLSE.org.uk